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Noble Vegan Jerky

About a year ago I was out in London Drugs in Kamloops and I found this new product, will new to me at least. Vegan Jerky, my husband has been pretty serious about trying to follow the Plant Based life style for the past 5 years but his one weakness is pepperoni and jerky.

I decided I would pick up a couple of packages of the Noble Vegan Jerky, we saw only three flavors originally, there was Sweet BBQ, Teriyaki and the Original. I know Ken loved the Original to start, he had said this was the closet texture and taste to real meat based jerky. The Sweet BBQ was his second favorite and then the Teriyaki.

I just recently discovered that Noble Jerky is made in Port Moody BC, which is a double thumbs up in my books! Noble is made at Urbani Foods Inc which is a meat company that’s been around for generations and over 50 years.

Urbani’s Expertise in Meat Drying

“With such a grim outlook on the sustainable future of animal based agriculture” Urbani decided to use plant proteins to create a vegan plant-based jerky product. The ingredients are all natural non-GMO tempeh, evaporated cane juice, rice vinegar, non-GMO canola oil, sea salt and spice.

Noble Vegan Jerky comes in four flavours, Teriyaki, Original, Sweet BBQ and Chipotle. The Jerky is in a 70g package and sells for $6.99 a package in most stores, Save-on-Foods, Walmart, London Drugs. You can find sale prices around $5.99 on occasion.

Best Pricing I’ve Found this Year

I have been trying to find the best pricing deals out there, and as I indicated above the normal retail price is $6.99. Deals I have found some deals if you choose to buy in bulk.

  • – Box of 8 -$47.88 ($5.99 a bag), Box 12 $62.88 ($5.24 a bag) There are some limitations such as the 12 bags are all the same flavor for that price. If you want to mix flavors the price is $77.88 a box ($6.49 a bag)
  • – in my opinion will give you the best prices and there are different quantity boxes, for example. 3 Bags $17.89 ($5.96 a bag), 12 packages $49.95 ($4.16 a bag) Awesome prices, however there is no mixed boxes of flavors in the 12 box or 3 box sizes. But the prices might make that worth wild.
  • Shipping – yes the disadvantage is the fact you can not go out the car and tear open the bag to start eating it. Shipping from is free though I am based in the Lower Mainland. is offering free shipping after the first order. I am have Amazon Prime so I can get free 1 day shipping.

Here are a few links for the Noble Vegan Jerky if you are interesting ordering some. If you use the links below QriousWanderer will make a small commission which helps with being able to provide more and better content.

Let me know what you think of this Vegan Jerky in the comments below. Be sure to check back for our next Blog post with a fantastic Juice Recipe using Pomegranates!

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  1. I’ve had this Jerky before, I think it tastes great. It has the same consistence as regular jerky but zero meat. I did not realize it was so cheep to order through Amazon, I will have to place an order and give it a try.

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