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Delicious All-New Cabbage Juice Recipe – 2022

7 Day Challenge – Cabbage Juice Recipe!

With a 7 Day Challenge set up for the first week into 2022, we had no choice but to ensure our fantastic Cabbage Juice Recipe on the challenge. This recipe is amazing, if you have not had fresh cabbage juice before, you will love this. It has a sweet taste to it. I normally use apple as an addition to the cabbage though Asian Pear is amazing as well.

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Health Benefits

Cabbage is low-calorie and low-fat at just 31 kcal per 100g. There is also a thought that Cabbage Juice is a very good source of dietary fiber, which helps reduce meal portions as they keep you fuller for longer.

Eating plenty of dietary fiber is good when you are on a diet as it speeds up bowel movements and prevents constipation. When selecting your cabbage, choose one that is nice and round, with the outer leaves taking on dark green.

The one thing about this juice is that must rinse out your bottles after use sooner than later, and there is a very strong aroma that comes off the bottles when you forget them in the lunch bag and you do not get them cleaned properly.

Delicious All-New Cabbage Juice Recipe – 2022

Recipe by MichelleCourse: JuicingCuisine: JuiceDifficulty: Easy


Prep time






  • 1/2 Cabbage (Large Size)

  • 2 Apples (Delicious, or Granny Smith)

  • 2 Medium Asian Pears (Alternate for Apples)


  • Clean and wash all ingredients well and soak the cabbage in water for 20 – 3 minutes
  • Cut the apple and cabbage to fit the juicer chute
  • Juice the ingredients in the juicer


  • Alternate Recipe for Cabbage

    Cabbage + Grapefruit = Antioxidant
    Cabbage + Radish = Aids Digestion
    Cabbage + Broccoli = Boosts Strength

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