Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Made in 2010

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Video

The documentary from Joe Cross “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” changed my entire life! I can remember this quite vividly, it was late on a Friday night when I came across this video on YouTube back in 2020. I watched it from start to finish and that got me all reved up, and with in a few weeks, I had placed my order for my juicer.

There seems to be two sides to this way of life, one obviously dead set against this clense, and those who have tried it and discover things first hand. In my opinion this is the big point, speaking about it first hand, and not just writing about it. Once my juicer arrived, I was all ready to go on this amazing journy. Being a Plant Based person, the lake of meat, dairy and cheese was really nothing, but I was not sure how I would fair.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Movie Trailer….

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross

The transition into a Juice only diet started really uneventful. We made a mason jar size of Green Detox Juice (recipe can be found here), and I made up a carrot juice as well. My serving was about 16 – 20 oz, and surprisingly I was not hungry by the end of the day. The changes were pretty dramatic, I felt much better physically in a couple of days, and I had more energy as well. Though it was a little more difficult to

How to start this way of life?

When I decided to do this, being all in my goal was to do this for 60 days, and the only reason I picked 60 days was this was the target the Joe Cross was discussing. To be honest, the first 20 – 25 days was pretty easy then there was a strange yearning to have something solid…but I powered through this craving.

What I suggest is you start with a 7-day challenge, and then if things are going well, then add another 7 days and so on and so on. I will make up a 7-day Juice challenge menu for you in a later post. One of the cool things with the Masticating Juicer or cold juicer is the Sherbert basket that comes with the Juicer. My dinners consisted of Sorbets, such a refreshing cold health ice cream option. The juicer I chose came with the blank strainers needed to make the sorbets.

My Favorite Sorbets

Kuving Sorbet Blank – Amazon.ca

I am the kind of person who will try many different flavors but then settle on one or two that really taste amazing. I chose Blueberry and strawberries, with half a banana mixed in there. I would come up and measure out 1 cup of blueberries, and 1/2 a cup of Strawberries, and while I have them out of the freezer warming up a bit, I would through half a banana into the freezer so it would cool off and mix in nicely.

Seriously what do you have to lose…give the Juicing lifestyle a chance. Even if you only juice once or twice a day you can not help but feel better. Getting all those amazing nutrients into your body will make such a difference! Be sure to check back and join up on our 7 Day juice challenge, recipes are coming soon! Be sure to leave a comment, say hi…tell me your story, I would love to hear from you!

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