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My Favorite 5 Delightful Coffee To Make!

So many coffee options, which one is right for me…

Pick your Drink of Choice
Your Drink of Choice

Every time I walk into a café or coffee shop like Starbucks the drink menu can be so complicated, especially if you excel at saying Medium double double. It’s time to learn what different coffee selections are out there.

We are going to start off with my Favorite 5 coffee choices. How can you go wrong, so let’s explore these coffee drinks and their recipes so we get to know them?

Brewing styles

Since there are so many different brewing styles, each style can change the flavor of your cup of coffee whether hot or cold. Here are just a couple of different brewing styles that you may encounter.

  • Drip Brew

This is one of the oldest and most trusted ways of making your cup of java. It is also the easiest way to brew coffee. Hot water is evenly poured over your ground coffee that is in a paper or very fine mesh filter. Gravity in this case is your friend as it causes the water to slowly pass through the grounds and into your coffee pot or cup.

  • Pour Over

Pour Over coffee is one of if not the favorite ways I like getting my coffee down while I am out. I have to admit it, I am pretty loyal to Starbucks, though I will be the first to admit it, their coffee is not always the best.

This brewing style is done by pouring boiling water slowly through the coffee grounds as they sit in a filter basket. The coffee will drip into a single cup resulting in a potent brew. Pour overs are one of the best ways to make coffee if you are on the go. We kayak a lot, and we through the little camp stove into one of the holds, and our filter. There is nothing nicer on a really cold day, somewhere on a little secluded beach to make a fresh cup of pour-over!

  • Cold Brew

My husband has a cold brew every day from Starbucks. This is a coarsely ground coffee, at room temperature and allowed to steep for an extended period of time. This brew is highly caffeinated, and it is less bitter. One thing I learned when serving this brew, you should have 2/3 Cold brew and 1/3 of filtered water with ice.

  • Espresso

In order to achieve an espresso brew, you will have to use an espresso or cappuccino machine. We shopped around for a bit and decided on a Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine. We have had it going on two years now, and I would certainly buy it again if I needed to. We love this machine.

Espresso is made by forcing pressurized hot water through the filter containing dark roasted finely ground coffee beans. The force of the water produces a highly concentrated coffee shot. This is the common base for most coffee drinks.

Here are my favorites…

1. Americano

The Americano is one of the cleans and best-tasting ways to have your coffee. A large-sized americano is normally three shots of espresso with hot water. I will spruce up my americano by having a Brown Suge Oat mixed into it, as I prefer a sweeter drink where Ken drinks his black.

Espresso Shot
Shot of Espresso

If you go into Starbucks to order one of these, you certainly will not be disappointed. Sound like a pro when you order. You can ask for a “Grande Brown Sugar Americano with Oat milk”. Yummy for sure!

2. Macchiato

Another drink I will order, as it certainly will tickle my sweet tooth. Though I order the Carmel Macchiato, this is a very tasty drink for sure, however, I can not drink these all of the time as they are a little sweet.

A macchiato means mark or stain. This is in reference to the mark that steamed milk leaves on the surface of the espresso as it is dashed into the drink. There is also the Long Macchiato which is often confused with the macchiato. The long macchiato is a much taller version and will be distinguished by its distinct layers of coffee and steamed milk.

3. Flat White

Originally found in New Zealand and Australia, it’s very similar to a cappuccino but lacks the foam layer and the chocolate powder. In order to keep the dink creamy rather than frothy, steamed milk from the bottom of the jug is used instead of from the top. Oat milk for me, please!

When I order a flat white, I once again like it on the sweet side, so I order April Oat and Brown Sugar Oat flat whites. Normally I can not get enough of these that is for sure!

4. Mocha

Here is a drink that I loved when I was younger and just starting out on my coffee drinking journey. Yes you go it, these are a little on the sweet side, so I can only drink one every so often but they are so very good!

The Mocha is considered a hot chocolate with coffee in it. The chocolate powder or syrup gives it a rich and creamy flavor and cuts the acidity of the espresso. If you have not had one of these, they are a must-try for sure!

5. Iced Coffee, Iced Americano, and Cold Brew…

As I was saying earlier my husband loves a nice fresh cold brew, which is not to be mixed up with an Iced Coffee or Iced Americano. Iced coffee recipes have many different versions based on where you are getting them.

Some locations choose to interchange milk with water in the recipe. Often, different flavoring syrups will be added per the preference of the customer. Ken always takes his black, and he loves them!

Well, there are 5 of my favorite coffees that I will order. As I was saying there is a better chance than not that I will order from Starbucks as their recipes are the same no matter where you are so you can be sure of the taste and the mystery is gone. Though I do like to be adventurous at times and we will visit the small little places to try their versions.

Be sure to leave your comments below, let me know what is your favorite caffeinated beverage! We just posted another Meditation Music Video on YouTube. Be sure to visit and take a listen leave a comment give us a like and subscribe.


5 Favorite Coffees to Make - Pin
5 Favorite Coffees to Make – Pin

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