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Our 7 Day Juice Challenge for 2022

Who’s up for the 7 Day Juice Challenge

That time of the year is fast approaching, and I know so many people will be setting their New Years Resolutions, and what better challenge this the 7 Day Juice Challenge to start up a healthy and happy New Year!

As I discussed in an earlier post about Joe Cross’s video, the challenge that I set was a 60-day challenge, but it was hard work and I suspect many of us would not be able to make that challenge last. So I figure the perfect place to start is with a 7 Day Juice Challenge.

What will 7 Days give me?

If you choose to take the 7 Day challenge, it will give you an opportunity to reset your body. Do a “Detox” so to speak, allowing you to believe it or not start losing weight, and getting that fantastic energy that a Juice regime will give you.

We will post every day, a full meal/juice diet menu for you starting on the 1st of Jan and going for 7 days. These are easy to do and very cost-effective… if you have a juicer of course. One of the base Juice recipes you will use daily is a Green Detox, which is already posted on the site, so you can give it a try before this challenge even starts.

We will use Carrott, Cabbage, and Pomegranate recipes to help fill in your days. This can not but help make you feel better, livelier, and give you more energy. I have been following a Juice diet for over a year now, and it has helped me change so many things in my life.

7 Day Challenge Menu Selection

The menu I am planning out for this challenge is really pretty simple. One of the things I like is repetition, for a couple of reasons. Repetition makes your life a little easier, as you have the recipe in your mind already, as well as the ingredients. So it would not be unuse for me to drink a Green Detox 3 times a week as I will have the ingredients on hand, and I can make the juice every couple of days. So I will show you this method for this 7 Day Challenge.

Day 1 Menu

  • Breakfast – Green Detox Juice
  • Lunch – Pomegranate Juice
  • Dinner – Sherbert

Day 2 Menu

  • Breakfast – Cabbage Juice
  • Lunch – Carrott Juice
  • Dinner – Sherbert

Day 3 Menu

  • Breakfast – Green Juice
  • Lunch – Carrott Juice
  • Dinner – Sherbert

With the three days of recipes set out you are able to simply go back to day 1 and just keep shifting through the selection. The sherbert recipes will be posted as well but they are really pretty simple. I normally use Blueberries, Bananas, and then Strawberries. These are fantastic menu choices and if you really take a look at them, you will see that your calorie count is down around 900 calories for the day, and if you are maximizing these menu choices, you will not be able to not lose weight.

Join the challenge…don’t miss out

Be sure to leave a comment below, letting me know you have joined our challenge. As I have said throughout the post, we will be posting menu items for the challenge if they are not already posted. Enjoy… and Happy New Years!

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